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Create and track Google Docs from within Flow

It would be really great if you could click a button within a Flow task to create a new Google Doc (or sheet) — and have flow automatically update the task with a link to the new associated Google Doc.

Right now, we have to log in separately to Google, create a doc, update the doc's sharing permissions, and then copy and paste a link to the doc back into the flow task. A more native integration would save lots of time!

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Joshua Merritt shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
not planned  ·  Jesse Herlitz responded  · 

We’ll never rule this out, but this is not on our immediate roadmap.

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  • Olivier Gareau commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This would be a game changer in terms of productivity! Skipping quite a few useless steps.

    If I can make this case more compelling. In my opinion, probably one of the biggest reason why people fail to adopt a productivity tool is because most of the actual work they do is still done outside of the project management tool itself. Of course, giving better flexibility in terms of writing large and detailed descriptions helps alleviate this a bit but unless a task can contain the actual work, you're still left with the majority of the time spent outside of the tool (i.e. on other services like doc, sheets, etc.). Bridging the gap between the two is optimal.

    If you guys are planning on releasing your own complex editor for more complete document producing, that's great but (and I feel this is probably a better idea than competing on that end and spreading your resources) integrating with other tools would make that a great quick fix. Ideally, integrating with Google Docs or Quip would be a major plus!

    Ideal work flow would resemble something like this :
    create team > create project > create task > click description > click Google Drive logo [popup showing "select file" | "create new file"] > click "create new file" > select desired file > open file in new tab [automatically creates file and folders in Drive - updates automatically name of file].

    Managing files could be really easy as well as you can create folders inside Google Drive via the API like so:
    ----File (Google Docs, Google Sheet, Google Slide, Lucid Chart Doc, etc.)
    *if you delete the file from the task, it would remain in Google Drive and you could re-add it using the current integration.

    **When moving a task around, you move it accordingly in Drive.

    Let me know if I can help you more with that, I'd love to see this feature!


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